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Singer Global Management Group is a top-line business development firm. Using my and other partners' experience, we help businesses grow into new markets and reach new customers. I have spent my entire career helping companies grow their top line. It is what I love to do and I have been successful with this endeavor in a range of industries including retail, software, financial services, education, and most recently, industrials. 

Our payment plans are such that we only get paid when you meet your goals. 

Our clients come from a range of industries including healthcare, technology, and consumer products.

- Jeff Singer

San Francisco


Managing Partner

Jeff Singer has had a long career that has included 4 CEO positions in 3 different countries, senior business leader experience at Nasdaq, software startup experience, and business development experience at SAP. Jeff most recently was the CEO of YBA Kanoo, one of the largest family companies in the Middle East. Previous to that, he was CEO of the Dubai International Financial Centre, CEO of Nasdaq Dubai, and SVP at Nasdaq in New York. He also was CEO of 4R Systems, a software company and started his career in business development at SAP. Jeff graduated from BYU with a major in international finance and received his MBA at Harvard Business School.

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